From the beginning, this was an unrealistic project. We were given one year and asked to deliver 300 pages; we took three and turned in 800. We could have doubled the number and it would never have been enough. The history of Bay Area punk is too rich and weird and horrible and wonderful, and it is by no means over. Here’s a portion of the book and some extra chapters. We hope that you post up your own tales and images. Thanks to everyone who shared their stories with us.

— Jack Boulware and Silke Tudor
San Francisco and New York, 2009


Introduction by Jesse Michaels

Prologue: Turds on the Run

Maximum RocknRoll Radio

The Misfits Incident

Who’s in the Book


No Alternative

Ian Mackaye vs. the Bay Area

Tales of Terror

Shred of Dignity

Skate and Destroy

Polytech Squat

Peace Punks

Powell Street Punks

Sweet Baby Jesus

Isocracy vs. Naked Lady Wrestlers

The Beatnigs

The List

Absolutely Zippo & Blatz

James Washburn Injury Report

Victim’s Family & Schlong

Spoken Word & Sister Spit

Swingin’ Utters

Merch Revolution

DWK & U.S. Thugs


Pyrates & Geeks

Gearheads, Wrestlers, & the Circus

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