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“…interviews that I hope can help me pretend I had showed up ten years earlier with a better wardrobe…

First reactions!


The movers and thrashers of the Bay Area punk scene swap spit and lies — “Hot Type,” Vanity Fair

Astonishing, time-sucking website…from San Jose to the moon over Marin, it’s all here?! — blog for Alternative Tentacles

Gimme Something Better: History of Bay Area Punk is amazing. thanks you — @aikiaru

Great, great stuff that’s very tough to put down. I’m not going to get shit done today. — John Marr

Gimme Something Better- new book on SF’s punk movement. Comes out Sept 29. I see my quotes will make enemies again. — Howie Klein

browsing an advance copy of the new book on east bay punk, “gimme something better,” & saw 3 outright lies. might be worth reading after all — Ariel Awesome

It’s genius. I like the way the interviews carry the narrative and unify the subjects/topics. — Robert Hanrahan

the book is great…of course i went through the book for my quotes first! — Ray Farrell

great book — Rozz Rezabek

fucking amazing. So damn thorough…Thank you guys so much for asking me to be a part of something this epic. — Scott Kelly